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VASST Announces Absolute Training for Sony Vegas Software
Posted Apr 5, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

VASST, a provider of training resources and software for multimedia professionals and hobbyists, today announced their newest series of training products, Absolute Training for Sony Vegas

The Absolute Training Series from VASST is a dynamic library of Vegas information, focusing in on specific workflows and functions in a multi-disc set. The first three discs are packaged as a set in both English and Spanish. The first three volumes are packaged as a set, providing over six hours of training in one package, and includes several free plug in tools for Vegas, media clips, and trial versions of popular software for Sony Vegas.

The Absolute Training for Vegas series may be purchased as an entire library or as individual discs. Library titles include the following:

  • Getting Started with Sony Vegas Software--Douglas Spotted Eagle
  • Going Deeper into Sony Vegas Software--Douglas Spotted Eagle
  • Getting Started with Sony DVD Architect--Douglas Spotted Eagle & John Rofrano
  • Color Correction in Sony Vegas Software--Glenn Chan & Douglas Spotted Eagle
  • Noise Reduction in Sony Vegas Software--Jeffrey P. Fisher
  • Going Deeper into DVD Architect--Keith Kolbo
  • Media Manager DeMystified--John Rofrano

The Absolute Training for Vegas Series of DVDs is shipping now. Volumes 1-3 packaged as a complete set priced at $129. Volumes 4-12 are priced at $69.00 each.


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