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Two Announcements from Roland Systems Group: M-48 Live Personal Mixer and M-400 V-Mixer 2
Posted Jan 30, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Roland Systems Group (RSG) is pleased to announce the RSS M-48 Live Personal Mixer and RSS S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor, an innovative monitoring solution for live performance and studio applications.

For the performing musician wanting the best possible sound quality and flexibility in their individual stage mix, the M-48 offers control over 40 audio sources that can be easily managed in 16 assignable stereo groups.  The playing experience is enhanced with level/pan/solo/3-band EQ.

Download complete press release: RSS M-48 Live Personal Mixer.pdf
Download images and product specifications: www.rssamerica.com/m48

Roland has also announced details about their upcoming release of Version 2.0 software for the RSS M-400 V-Mixer Digital Console – the key component of the popular V-Mixing System.

The software update contains a combination of brand-new features as well as direct responses to feedback from an ever-growing customer base. These include
•    Software control and management for multiple M-48 Live Personal Mixers
•    LCR support (for Left-Center-Right sound systems)
•    Newly added vintage Roland effects including:
        Digital Delay, Space Echo, Digital Reverb, Stereo Flanger
        Dimension D, and Phase Shifter

•    Expanded parametric EQ and graphic EQ capability
•    Real-time analyzer
•    Numerous user interface enhancements

Download complete Press Release: RSS M-400 V-Mixer Ver 2.0.pdf
Download images and specifications: www.rssamerica.com/m400v2

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