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This List Goes to 11: EventDV Announces Best of NAB List, Welcomes 11 Companies to Winners' Circle 2011
Posted May 4, 2011 Print Version     Page 1of 1

EventDV, The Authority for Event Videographers, has done its sixth annual evaluation of the best and most relevant NAB releases for the event video market. Chosen each year by contributing editor and leading L.A.-area videographer and filmmaker Marc Franklin, the awards recognize products in two categories: production gear (including cameras, camera support, lighting, and so on), and postproduction solutions (including NLEs, plug-ins, and the like).

"It's always exciting to see the ‘next big thing' at NAB," said EventDV editor-in-chief Stephen Nathans-Kelly, "but it's not always something our readers will need to take seriously for a while," he continued. "When we choose the companies to welcome into our Winner's Circle each year, we try to keep our eyes off the distant future and restrict our focus to the near future and the here and now, and choose products that we can confidently predict will have a strong and positive impact on our readers. That may mean enhancing the quality of the imagery they shoot, streamlining their editing workflow, or otherwise helping them meet the demands of the events they shoot. There were plenty of new and soon-to-come products and technologies for our readers to get excited about this year, and we're excited to recognize them."

Now, on to the Winners' Circle.

In the Production category, we've selected eight new products, including 2 cameras:

  • Sony NEX-FS100
  • GoPro HERO 960
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio
  • K-Tek Hot-Shoe Adapters
  • Azden SMX-20 Stereo Mic
  • Kata Flyby 74PL/76PL Organizer Bags
  • Manfrotto 509HD Tripod Head

Next up are the production gear and camera support products. Six products made the cut in this category:

  • Adobe CS 5.5 Production Premium
  • BorisFX RED 5
  • Zaxwerks ProAnimator 5
  • HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations
  • Blackmagic Design Da Vinci Resolve Lite

For more information on the winning products and the EventDV Winner's Circle 2011 selection process, see the June issue of EventDV.

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