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Telestream Announces Major FlipFactory 7.0 Release
Posted Oct 20, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Telestream today announced a major release for its industry-leading FlipFactory server software products. FlipFactory is a full workflow automation system that offers broadcasters, media companies, enterprises and service providers the broadest video and audio file format support for transcoding and the deepest integration with third-party systems for file discovery and transfer between systems.

Major new features now available in version 7.0 include faster single-server transcoding, YouTube fingerprinting, Dolby E support for broadcast and editing workflows, Avid send-to-playback support, plus more file format and wrapper support.

"FlipFactory 7.0 continues to optimize productivity and efficiency for our customers - saving them time, effort and money while enabling them to generate new revenues," said Barbara DeHart, VP of Marketing at Telestream.

The complexity of today's workflows, combined with large HD files sizes, makes the need for fast transcoding more important than ever before. For many workflows, FlipFactory now transcodes files up to eight times faster than real time on a single server - lowering hardware costs, while increasing productivity.

In response to widespread Dolby E use in HD workflows, FlipFactory 7.0 delivers one-step Dolby E audio processing - saving users time and money. FlipFactory automatically decodes Dolby E audio and re-encodes it to an extensive range of audio formats and wrappers for distribution to multiple distribution platforms. FlipFactory provides direct pass-through of clean Dolby E embedded audio files to all the leading video servers and editing systems, without degradation of source files. It can also be used to pass through Dolby E audio and transcode only the video to an extensive range of formats and wrappers.

Also new in V7.0, YouTube fingerprinting allows content owners to easily identify and track their video content which is uploaded to YouTube - without incurring any extra steps, costs or processes. Once content is identified, content owners can claim it as their own, resulting in the ability to share advertising revenues with YouTube. YouTube fingerprinting can be added to any existing FlipFactory workflow. When combined with Telestream's Pipeline live video capture system, this capability extends to live production environments.

Integration and support for Avid workflows expands to include Avid send to playback straight from the Avid timeline. This feature provides faster throughput from Avid systems to on-air systems and servers. A new stitching feature now allows users to easily submit a job with multiple input files to FlipFactory which stitches them together for fast processing and production of a single output file. Users can review each clip, select mark-in and mark-out points and create a list of media segments which can be stitched together and output in a completely different format - all in a single job.

A new ITU-BS1770 loudness detection and correction option allows broadcasters to detect and correct audio loudness for up to 6 channels of audio as part of any FlipFactory workflow. A new SCC file generation feature allows users to extract closed captions from a media file and insert them into a SCC file, modify them, and then resubmit the files. This allows captions to be reinserted and objectionable content to be monitored and modified.

FlipFactory 7.0 continues to add more format and third-party system support. For broadcast and cable workflows these include XDCAM HD 50 encoding, XDCAM EX decoding, MXF decoding of Omneon DNxHD files, HD VANC preservation and insertion, and much more. For IPTV, mobile and streaming workflows, support expands to include a new 3GP encoder, Flash 9 encoder and multi-threaded Flash 8 encoder for improved quality and speed, expanded Apple ProRes support and more.

FlipFactory also expands monitoring, delivery and notification support for third-party systems to include new support for Avid Interplay Transfer Engine, Brightcove destination, FTPS monitor, IBMS notify and SAN monitor. Telestream's TrafficManager adds monitoring and file retrieval support for Extreme Reach and Hula spot delivery services.

FlipFactory 7.0 is now available for purchase from Telestream's direct sales and worldwide distribution network. More information, a free trial and software updates are available at http://www.telestream.net.

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