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TDK Now Shipping Pro Grade DVC Media for HDV and DV Camcorders
Posted Sep 22, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TDK, a world leader in digital recording solutions,today has begun shipping Pro Grade DVC camcorder media, the highest performance media available for HDV and DV camcorders. Designed to digital master quality specifications, TDK Pro Grade DVC media features a two-layer tape structure with Dual Layer Metal Evaporation (DLME) and Hard Carbon Protective Layer (HCPL) technologies.TDK's extended HD recording media line gives professionals at all levels opportunities to experience pure recording perfection from footage acquisition all the way to post production.

Innovative Dual Layer Metal Evaporation (DLME) and Hard Carbon Protective Layer (HCPL) technologies help make TDK Pro Grade DVC media the failsafe solution for capturingfootage with an HDVor DVcamcorder.The tape's base layer provides an outstandingly uniform and stable foundation for themetal evaporated recording layer, thus realizing farfewer dropouts than other DVC media.Meanwhile, theHard Carbon Protective Layer (HCPL)defends against scratches, friction, de-oxidation and temperature/humidity. TDK's premium cartridge design offers superior durability and realizes an ultra-stable tape run, which further helps ensure bit-perfect recording and playback. What's more, TDK Pro Grade DVC offers universal compatibility with HDV and DV camcorders.

For professionals who must get it right the first time, TDK Pro Grade DVC is the wise choice. TDK Pro Grade DVC offers 63-minute length and is ideally suited for capturing footage in superb quality HD resolutions such as 1080i and 720p.Supplied in library cases that securely close, sealing out potential contaminants such as dust and liquids, TDK Pro Grade DVC comes fully equipped for shelf archival.Capture the world in new detail with TDK Pro Grade DVC media. TDK Pro Grade DVC media for HDV and DV camcorders is currently available.


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