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Synology Targets SMB And Enterprise Markets With Three New Ultra High Performance NAS Servers
Posted Apr 29, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Synology America Corporation today announced three new ultra-high performance SATA NAS Servers that offer up to 4TB capacity and 49MB/sec RAID 5 reads, and up to 30MB+/sec RAID 5 writes, making them the fastest non-PC RAID 5 NAS Servers available. In addition to blazing fast performance, the 3 new models offer green design with 8W CPU power consumption, compared with about 80W CPU power consumption for a typical PC server, and are well suited for SMB and entry level enterprise installations.

Synology has created a new NAS experience with it’s recently released Disk Station Manager 2.0 NAS management software, and it comes standard with all three new models. In addition to being easy to set up and use, the software brings new applications to NAS servers that were once only available with PC-based servers. Website hosting, PC-less downloads, surveillance video recording & playback with IP cameras, and photo blogging are only some of the applications that are now enabled with Disk Station Manager 2.0, bringing the utility of a NAS server far beyond simple networked storage.

New Model Details

  • Disk Station DS508 – 5-bay desktop SATA NAS Server with hot-swappable drives and up to 4TB* capacity using 1TB drives using RAID 5 implemented. RAID 0/1 is also supported;
  • Rack Station RS408 – 4-bay rack mounted SATA NAS server with 1U form factor, hot-swappable drives, and up to 3TB* capacity using 1TB drives with RAID 5 implemented. RAID 0/1 is also supported;
  • Rack Station RS408RP – 4-bay rack mounted SATA NAS server with redundant power supply that kicks in if the primary power supply fails; 1U form factor, hot-sappable drives, and up to 3TB capacity using 1TB drives with RAID 5 enabled. RAID 0/1 is also supported.

"The FTP and FTPS capabilities of the Synology DS508 make it a great low-cost solution for secure data protection" said Tom Podnar, President of Microlite Corporation, an independent software developer (ISV). "We’ve benchmarked the DS508 at an amazing 66.3MB/sec on FTP reads and 33.3MSec on FTP writes, making it by far the fastest desktop NAS server we’ve seen."

Synology NAS Servers fully support Windows ADS authentication, are NFS, Telnet, SSH ready, support FTP with SSL/TLS, and support HTTPS. While Synology NAS Servers are inherently reliable, they have the ability to notify the network administrator when a drive or cooling fan is failing or has failed. This system monitoring feature greatly reduces the down time. Synology DS508 and RS408 series are ideal for companies with limited IT resources.

Pricing & Availability

  • Disk Station DS508 - list price of $1,029.95, ships in June
  • Rack Station RS408 - list price of $1,499.95, ships in July
  • Rack Station RS408RP - list price of $1,799.95, ships in July

Please visit the Synology website for additional information and to locate a reseller or distributor.

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