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Stock20.com Releases Custom Wedding Highlights Score
Posted Jun 30, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Stock20 has borrowed an actual wedding highlight video to create a score that complements the visual elements and events of the video. It's ready to drop into your timeline with distinct movements and crescendos in all the right places. Then simply arrainge your clips for a very moving presentation. Stock20 hopes to launch several more custom scores featuring different styles and instrumentation. Next month's project is aiming for a more "cinematic" feel.

This month's Wedding Score will be priced at just $7 like the other releases. New customers receive a $7 store credit just for creating a free account. If you want more free music, submit your wedding highlight video (featuring wedding score 01) during the month of July and you could win a free copy of the "Library Collection 001." This 7-disc set features 37 song-sets, and 311 tracks. It is regularly priced at $189. If Stock20 uses your video to showcase the "Wedding Score" you'll receive the Library Collection at no cost. For more details go to: www.contests.stock20.com.

"Wedding Score 01" was developed through customer feedback. It begins with a soft piano melody (taken from "Daddy's Girl") during the "pre-wedding" footage and interviews. Then it builds with an undercurrent of strings as the video moves to the ceremony (1:30). There is a dramatic swell and a crescendo for the entrance of the bride (2:10). Then after the vows, another big crescendo for "the kiss" (3:00). One version moves into "Tomorrow's Hope" (upbeat) for the reception footage, and the other ends with a softer touch (3:30). The piece is about four and a half minutes long.


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