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Stock20 Releases 100th Song Theme
Posted Mar 26, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Since its launch fifteen months ago, Stock20 has quickly developed a customer base of well over 7000 registered users and a growing library of 100 song themes. Each song theme includes numerous versions with variations in length and structure; adding up to a collection of almost 800 tracks in a variety of styles.

To celebrate the release of their 100th song Stock20 is offering unprecedented discounts at numerous levels. Headlining these discounts is a blowout pricing structure on the purchase of their entire library. This collection of 100 song-sets, almost 800 tracks, is delivered on 21 CDs or 3 DVD-Rs (loaded with uncompressed CD quality .wav files).

Purchased as individual song-sets this package would total $700. Until April 10th this expansive library will be available for $280 (discounted 60%). At less than $3 per song, Stock20 offers the perfect opportunity to develop a large and versatile library of production music at an extraordinary value.

Customers choosing delivery on 3 DVD-Rs will receive free shipping (worldwide). To spark the celebration, Stock20 will allow the first 15 purchasers to obtain this extensive collection for just $100. The next 40 customers can take advantage of a $180 purchase price. The 60% discount ($280) will be available for all customers until the 10th of April. This special pricing will begin at 9am Pacific Standard Time (US) on March 27th.

Garnering several positive reviews from industry publications, Stock20's founder and creative director believes that this online production music library is just getting started, "We will continue to focus on developing a steady supply of fresh, broadcast-quality music. We are fully committed to the standard of 100% customer satisfaction. If a customer isn't thrilled with our product, we make it right, make it better than right, or we refund their money."

Stock20 offers a virtually unlimited and unending royalty free license with each track. And every instrumental selection is available via instant download for just $7 (including multiple length versions). For customers already holding a large amount of Stock20 content, various discounts and free offers will be posted to the site daily until April 10th.


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