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SoundToys Plug-ins Support Pro Tools 7
Posted Dec 16, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

SoundToys Inc. (formerly Wave Mechanics), a leading developer of high-end digital signal processing (DSP) tools, has announced a new software release (version 1.2) for its entire line of SoundToys plug-ins. The new release features support for the recently announced Digidesign Pro Tools 7, as well as TDM support for FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, Crystallizer, Tremolator and UltraFX, which had previously been available only in the RTAS and HTDM plug-in formats.

Version 1.2 of SoundToys TDM Effects is available for download from the company's revamped website at www.soundtoys.com. For further information about SoundToys products and upgrades go to www.soundtoys.com or call SoundToys at 802-951-9700. About SoundToys Based in Burlington VT, SoundToys (formerly Wave Mechanics) was founded in 1996 by the DSP engineering team that created


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