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SoundToys Announces TDM Effects Bundle for ProTools TDM
Posted Oct 10, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

At the 2005 Audio Engineering Society (AES) conference, SoundToys Inc. (formerly Wave Mechanics), a designer of audio effects plug-ins, is announcing the new SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle for ProTools TDM on Mac OSX. The new professional effects bundle includes nine effects plug-ins for professional audio, sound design, postproduction, and audio for gaming.

The new bundle will be available in early Q4 2005 for $1,195 from all authorized SoundToys dealers, and directly from SoundToys. This bundle includes full-featured TDM versions of SoundToys' entire plug-in line:

  • EchoBoy - Professional echo/delay, comprising 30 different "Echo Styles" and including 300+ presets
  • SoundBlender - Dual intelligent pitch-shifter, filter, delay, and multi-FX
  • FilterFreak - Realistic resonant analog rhythmic filtering, with support for MIDI sync
  • PhaseMistress - A true analog-sounding phaser featuring extensive modulation
  • PurePitch - Format-corrected pitch-shifting and harmony creation
  • PitchDoctor - Realistic-sounding automatic intonation correction
  • Tremolator - Classic tremolo and programmable auto-gate with support for MIDI
  • sync SPEED - Pitch transposition and time compression/expansion
  • Crystallizer - Pitch-shifting time-slicing delay, also supporting MIDI sync

With the individual plug-ins listing for over $3,000, the SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle, listed at $1,195, represents a savings of over $1,800, enabling audio professionals and enthusiasts at every level to own a complete set of studio effects processors, currently used worldwide by leaders in music production, sound design, post-production, gaming, and other professional media fields, according to SoundToys.

The SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle will be available in early Q4, 2005 from SoundToys and its network of distributors for $1,195 MSRP. The SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle currently supports Digidesign's TDM, RTAS, HTDM, and AudioSuite plug-in formats and supports Pro-Tools|HD, Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools Mix, and Pro Tools|LE. This package is available for Mac OS X only. Not all plug-ins support all formats. For further information about SoundToys and the SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle, or to download the 14 day free demo version, visit http://www.soundtoys.com.

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