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Sony Unveils Next Generation of HDCAM SR Production Technology
Posted Sep 20, 2010 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Sony Electronics is unveiling the next generation of its HDCAM SR technology: the new SRW-9000PL camcorder.

The camcorder uses the identical Super 35 mm CCD sensor found in Sony's high-end F35 camera, to offer superb image quality, sensitivity, signal-to-noise and dynamic range, as well as full RGB ramping from 1 to 50 FPS. The new SRW-9000 PL model also combines the SR format's visually lossless image quality and the performance of the F35 into a versatile one-piece camcorder, eliminating the need for external recording devices.

"The SRW-9000PL's chassis is an evolution of the film-style ergonomics Sony designed for the F23/F35," said Peter Crithary, production marketing manager for Sony Electronics. "For camera operators used to working with film, the SRW-9000PL makes it easy to adapt. The SRW-9000PL's rugged one-piece body with integrated HDCAM SR recording offers incredible operational mobility in demanding production environments. It's all the power of the F35 in an affordable camcorder without the dependency on external recorders required by competitive models in this class."

Designed for television, commercial, documentary and motion picture production -and with a price that makes it attractive to owner/operators - the new camcorder is ideal for use as a 2nd unit 35mm camera complement to the F35. The new PL mount camcorder offers shooters a wider range of image creation options. For example, S-Log and S-Gamut wide color space gamma functions essentially as a "digital negative," allowing users to tailor their images during post- production in the same way they would in film based work flow.

The new camcorder also offers full bandwidth visually lossless RGB 4:4:4 HD digital image capturing, programmable bi-directional ramping, multi format image capturing, wide color space (S-Gamut), more than 12 stops of dynamic range, 14 bit analog to digital converter and exposure index ratings of 640 to 1,000.

As production and post-production increasingly move to file-based workflows, Sony will also offer a planned future upgrade to SR memory, giving users the option of hybrid or integrated solid-state memory recording, with either option still providing native access to the HDCAM SR codec.

"The SR format is a highly proven technology that is firmly entrenched in the production industry," Crithary said. "Even productions that have been using file based solutions on set are increasingly coming back to SR due to cost and efficient turn-around times for dailies."

A range of option cards are available for additional performance and features, including:

· HKSR-9001 HD-SDI expansion board adds dual-link HD-SDI outputs and an extra HD-SDI audio input for connectivity to an external audio multiplexing device for up to 12 channels of audio. The HKSR-9001 also provides 3G HD-SDI output capability.

· HKSR-9002 picture cache board enables the camcorder to capture and record images with variable speed from 1 to 50 FPS. The camcorder can also continuously record up to three seconds of video while the camcorder is in standby mode.

· HKSR-9003 processing board, offers full bandwidth RGB digital 4:4:4 capture.

The SRW-9000PL camcorder will be available in October, for a street price of approximately $72,500.

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