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Six Steps to Stronger Edits: EventDV Launches Grass Valley EDIUS 6 Podcast Series
Posted Jun 21, 2011 Print Version     Page 1of 1

EventDV, The Authority for Event Videographers, is pleased to announce a new six-part video tutorial series for professional video editors looking to streamline their edits, hone their editing skills, and enhance the creativity they bring to their clients' projects. The tutorials will focus on industry-leading professional nonlinear editing application Grass Valley EDIUS 6, renowned throughout the postproduction world for its flexibility, versatility, and realtime performance. Hosting the series will be EventDV contributing editor, EventDV 25 all-star, WEVA Creative Excellence Award winner, and nationally renowned EDIUS instructor Philip Hinkle.

Grass Valley EDIUS 6

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Philip on this series," said EventDV editor-in-chief Stephen Nathans-Kelly. "Having observed his production workflow first-hand from shot-planning to camera and mic placement through same-day edit production and delivery, I can see why he's achieved his stature in the videography industry and become a sought-after editing instructor all over the country. I've also seen how EDIUS' realtime capabilities have helped him streamline his workflow, and allowed him to break into the SDE game when no other videographers in our market were even considering it. Philip's creativity and editing acumen and proven track record with EDIUS make him a perfect match for this series."

The series will kick off this Thursday, June 23, with an in-depth look at one of EDIUS 6's signature new features, the ability to create custom masks directly in the timeline, which offers editors opportunities to create new and more compelling effects. Hinkle will explore 3 different ways to use and apply the filter, and explain how to use a freehand mask and keyframes in tandem.

The tutorials will continue to roll out on EventDV.tv throughout the summer. The complete schedule is as follows:

Using the New Mask Filter, June 23
• Super-streamlined HD Field Production with the Proxy Mode Editor (including seamless switching between Proxy and Full-rez editing modes): July 7
• Efficient Multicam Editing with EDIUS 6: July 21
• Syncing DSLR Video and Dual-System Audio with the Plural Eyes Plug-in: August 4
• Seamless Creative Editing with Custom Filter Presets and Nested Sequences: August 18
• Using the ISP/ROBUSKEY Keyer to Create Stellar Keys from Subpar Footage: September 1

Each new installment will go live at http://eventdv.tv at 9am EDT on the above dates. Watch EventDV.net for more details.

To learn more about the capabilities of Grass Valley EDIUS 6 and its key advantages for event and corporate video producers, see Philip Hinkle's February 2011 review, or visit http://www.grassvalley.com/products/edius_6 for more detailed information.

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