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Schneider Introduces New Century Lens Accessories for Panasonic HVX200
Posted Feb 27, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Schneider Optics has announced a new line of Century lens accessories created especially to complement Panasonic's new HVX200 camcorder. These new professional add-ons provide unprecedented image clarity, while enabling the HVX200 to go wider, reach further, and move in closer than the lens alone will allow.

New Century lens add-ons for the HVX200 include the .6X Wide Angle Adapter, .75X Wide Angle Converter, Super Fisheye Adapter, 1.6X Tele-Converter, and Achromatic Diopters in strengths of +1.6, +2.0, +2.6. State-of-the-art optics produce high-resolution images with low distortion, and superior contrast edge to edge. Multi-coated glass elements provide sharp images free of unwanted distortion or chromatic aberration. Most accessories are equipped with a bayonet mount for quick and easy installation.

The Century Cine Style Manual Focus and Zoom Gear facilitate accurate, repeatable focusing and zooming when using cine-style follow-focus and zoom control systems. The markable white focus gear fits neatly over the lens' focus ring. The segmented zoom gear attaches to the camera's zoom ring, enabling the use of popular zoom control motors.

For professional light management and filtering, the Century DV Wide Angle Matte Box MK II and Century Sunshade are now fully compatible with the Panasonic HVX200.


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