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Ridata Adds Ultra-Large 32GB Model To Its Ultra-Fast, 233X LIGHTNING Series Of Compact Flash Cards
Posted May 12, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Advanced Media, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the popular Ridata brand of recordable DVD, flash media, electronic storage products, and digital accessories, has introduced a 32GB model to its 233x Lightning Series of CompactFlash(r) cards. Proving size does matter in memory cards, it boasts one of the largest capacities, fastest transfer rates available in a CF card. It joins existing 233x Series models featuring 2GB - 16GB storage capacities.

"Mobile digital products continue to get more and more sophisticated," commented Harvey Liu, president of Advanced Media, Inc. "To that end, they require more data storage and faster read times. Our new 32GB 233x Lightning Series CompactFlash card delivers both. In today's digital flash media world, size matters. And Ridata has it."

The new Ridata 32GB/233X CF card is perfect for users of higher megapixel digital cameras. Its large 32GB capacity allows the user to store more photos, while virtually eliminating nagging wait time for data to record. Consumers are strongly urged to check the hardware device specifications to ensure the device used will work with higher capacity CF cards using the FAT32 file system.

As with all Ridata CF products, this latest introduction conforms to the CompactFlash Association Standard, is PC card Standard and PC card ATA compatible as it is with true IDE mode. It is designed to work with most devices and operating systems. It is also very durable and can withstand an extreme temperature range from below freezing to very high heat.

Its 233x high-speed reading (approximately 35MB/s) and 80x high-speed writing (about 12MB/s) are achieved by dual-channel data throughput. (Note: Speeds may vary depending on device used.) An automatic power management feature assures low power consumption.

The card includes many superior technical features Ridata products are known for. It is host ATA disk I/O BIOS, DOS and Windows file system, utilities, and application software compatible. Its controller supports Ultra DMA Mode up to Mode 4. CIS is implemented with 256 bytes of attribute memory. It supports 8 or 16-bit host transfers with any host speed using IORDY. An Error Correction Code (ECC) is embedded. The card also provides forward and backward functionality. It carries a two-year warranty.

Ridata markets two distinct series of CompactFlash cards: Lightning and Supreme. They make perfect choices in solid-state mass-storage cards for hand-held devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, or applications that require high-environmental tolerance. Both cards offer flash technology ruggedness, reliability, performance, and convenience.

Cost and Availability
The Ridata 32GB 233x Lightning Series CompactFlash(r) card has an SRP of $199.00. As with other Ridata products, it is available through selected retailers, Ridata distributors, and at various online outlets. A complete listing of locations may be found on the Advanced Media/Ridata website. It is available now for shipping.

For more information, visit http://www.ritekusa.com.

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