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Red Giant Announces Support of Avid Systems and Discreet combustion 3
Posted Oct 29, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Red Giant Software has announced that Primatte Keyer now supports Avid non-linear editing systems and Discreet combustion 3 desktop composition software. Previously only available as an After Effects plug-in, Primatte Keyer's enhanced versatility adds increased functionality to the production pipeline of independent filmmakers and visual effects artists.

Primatte Keyer, published under exclusive agreement with Photron USA, enables users to extract keys from any color background. The software overcomes matte extraction challenges including uneven lighting, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination (spill) prior to composition.

Three different versions of Primatte Keyer are available, with two priced at $495 and the third at $995.


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