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RITEK Announces Blu-ray Discs Along with the New Era of High-Definition Entertainment
Posted May 2, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 2 next »

RITEK's revolutionary Blu-ray disc range is now officially on the market. The product lineups utilize blue laser technology for high-definition recording, thus providing the users with the ultimate digital entertainment experience.

With the expansion of digital entertainment, the storage capacity of a traditional DVD is no longer enough. RITEK manufactures Blu-ray discs with its state of the art production technology, which meet the Blu-ray Disc Association standards.

RITEK BD-R and BD-RE discs are quality, compatible, and extremely stable during data recording and play back. Its impressive 25GB storage capacity is 5 times of the capacity of a conventional DVD and 3 times of the capacity of a Double Layer DVD. It is not only able to store over 4.5 hours of 1080P HD video data, but is also suitable for backing-up extensive amounts of data. RITEK's BD-R and BD-RE perform stunningly in terms of data transfer rate; the 72Mbps transfer rate greatly reduces the burning elapsed time, and eliminates the insufficient space limit.

The HardCoat protection layer of BD-R and BD-RE discs are standard specification and it can prevent the data loss due to inadequate temperature, humidity, fingerprints and scratches.

RITEK's BD-R and BD-RE discs are compatible with most of the Blu-ray burners available on the market, such as the SONY BWU-100A, Panasonic LF-MB121, LITE-ON LH-2B1S, etc. For a detailed drive list, please log on RITEK website at www.ritek.com.

Out of its new generation of Blu-ray Disc products, RITEK's 50GB dual-layer BD-R and BD-RE will also be available soon.

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