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ProVDN Inc. Launches ProVDN, an Online Video Platform for Independent Video Content Producers
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ProVDN provides all the features of high-cost online video publishing platforms including truly Global Video Distribution. But, rather than the one-platform-fits-all approach dictated by others, ProVDN empowers clients with the tools targeted primarily toward independent content producers. Customers benefit from support for multiple video file formats (Flash, H.264), professional presets and automatically generated embed codes. Users interested in publishing high-quality video with the greatest simplicity can upload their content directly to ProVDN using any browser. Watch Video

Once video is uploaded to ProVDN, users have access to a sophisticated interactive client review tool that allows commenting with both text and drawing tools right on the video frames. Clients can pause video anywhere and start drawing directly on any frame. It will automatically track all comments down to the millisecond and provide reports along with navigation options to browse through changes, eliminating any confusion between client and producer.

ProVDN includes rich meta-data features such as viewer-tracking; detailed and dynamic real-time video analytics; multiple file sizes and formats; and professional-level player skins. Videos can be uploaded, managed and then embedded into any number of Web sites. With our Global Distribution Network, videos are housed and streamed directly from a network of edge servers in Ashburn VA, Dallas/Fort Worth TX, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Newark NJ, Palo Alto CA, Seattle WA, St. Louis MO, Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Streaming your video is as easy as four step-by-step clicks. Interested clients can trial this innovative service for one month at no charge and then choose a month-to-month service with no contract.

"With the skyrocketing popularity of online video, one of the major hurtles small video producers have is figuring out how to manage, compress and stream their videos at a reasonable price without compromising quality. ProVDN takes the guess work out of the process”, said Alan Tone, Founder and CEO of ProVDN Inc. “We are not the first OVP to come to market but we have taken it three steps further. First, we’ve built a solid platform and a global video delivery network, just like the more expensive competitors. Second, we’ve included tools that dramatically reduce the review and approval process. Finally, we have taken this tremendous package and made it extremely affordable for the average video content producer. Our most affordable package starts at only $29.99 and includes over thirty-three hours of streaming a month.”

ProVDN features include:

  • Powerful video content management system
  • Elegant and streamlined UI and user experience
  • Intuitive H.264 encoding of most formats. (Quicktime, MP4, AVI, Flash. WMV, etc.)
  • Support for multiple video file formats (Flash/H.264)
  • PRWeb eBooks - Another online visibility tool from PRWeb
  • HD ready, can display 1280x720 or larger
  • Interactive video review and client approval
  • Clients can make comments right on the video frame
  • No more guessing what edits the client wants and where
  • Global Video Delivery Network with servers in 14 cities, 6 countries, and 3 continents.
  • Dynamic real-time video analytics and viewing metrics
  • Embed codes and Public Viewing Pages
  • Automatic variable data rate http streaming
  • ProVDN Video Player
  • Multiple video player sizes
  • Multiple data rate http streaming
  • Full screen mode
  • Share, Embed, and Info buttons
  • Pricing and Availability
    ProVDN is now available in a variety of payment plans that start at US$29.99, which includes up to 2,000 minutes of video streams per month and 5 GB of video storage. Unlike other products, ProVDN pricing is easy-to-understand, fully transparent (with no upload or set-up fees) and designed to make the process of publishing videos online as painless as possible. For more information, visit www.ProVDN.com.

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