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Petrol Bags Introduces New Transparent Raincover for DSLRs
Posted Sep 8, 2011 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The newest weather protection system from Petrol Bagsä, a Vitec Group brand, is the transparent Rain Cover tailored specifically for DSLR cameras with up to a 70-200mm lens and professional light on-camera.

The cover's rigid front hood section comes outfitted with a hotshoe connector that stabilizes it on camera. A 6" polypropylene track on top of the hood allows for the addition of an on-camera light and/or wireless receiver. Designed to enable continued shooting in harsh and extreme conditions, the Rain Cover will also fit a DSLR with longer lenses when a light is not on board.

Constructed of transparent polyurethane for maximum visibility and black waterproof nylon, it offers quick and easy access to camera controls. Petrol's ingenious one-piece design makes the cover extremely easy to install while shooting. A front section of ripstop fabric and transparent polyurethane that attaches to the cover via hook and loop material provides an additional shield to protect a telephoto lens. The PD515 weighs just 14.1 oz (.4 kg).

For further information on the new Transparent Rain Cover for HD-DSLR Cameras without VF (#PD515) and other Petrol Bags products, please go to http://www.petrolbags.com

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