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Panasonic to Bundle Red Giant Software Instant HD with AG-DVX100B Cameras
Posted Jun 19, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Red Giant Software has announced that Panasonic selected Instant HD for bundling with its AG-DVX100B camcorder purchased in the United States. Panasonic began bundling Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Editors with the AG-DVX100 line of camcorders in the summer of 2004.

"The AG-DVX100B continues to be our best selling ‘little SD camcorder.' We were exploring options to make the AG-DVX100B package which includes the DVX Book, Magic Bullet Editors, and a promotional rebate just a little more interesting. A number of customers said they would flip for an HD solution under $4,000. Thus the inspiration for including Instant HD along with the other promotional goodies," said Jan Crittenden, product manager for the AG-DVX100B at Panasonic Broadcast.

Instant HD up-converts DV video into a variety of HD video formats. Users can choose from a list of preset resolutions to make it easy to integrate DV video into their next High Definition production. The plug-in supports After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro. When scaling from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), the missing pixels must be generated in an intelligent way. Instant HD provides a high-quality method for converting SD sources to HD within users' favorite video application.

Features are as follows:

  • Includes 5 controls: Output Size, Filter Type, Sharpness, Quality settings, and Anti-aliasing
  • Professional level results with simple easy to learn controls
  • The Output resolution pop-up lets you quickly choose the output resolution for your video
  • The Sharpness control lets you sharpen the output of the video scaling operation
  • The Anti-aliasing control lets you add smoothing to the edges of images

Uses include the following:

  • A great complement product to Magic Bullet Suite or Magic Bullet Editors
  • Integrate SD video into your next HD project
  • Up-convert NTSC or PAL Standard Definition to High Definition
  • Up-convert smaller web video resolution sizes to Standard Definition
  • Up-convert SD video to HD, then down-convert back to SD for higher-quality results

For additional product information visit http://redgiantsoftware.com/instanthd.html.

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