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Panasonic Delivering New 50" And 42" Professional HD Plasma Displays
Posted Aug 3, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Panasonic announced this week the availability of its new 50" TH-50PH9UK and 42" TH-42PH9UK professional plasma displays. These new high-definition pro plasmas feature advanced performance improvements, a lighter-weight design, and greater flexibility. These 9-Series professional plasma displays feature industry-leading technologies such as 16-bit digital signal processing with up to 3,072 steps of gradation, a high contrast level (10,000:1), and the industry's highest contrast ratio (400:1) when measured in typically bright lighting areas, according to Panasonic.

Advanced performance improvements include a new Real Black Creation color-enhancing feature, an automatic Contrast Management System, and a high-precision Motion Pattern Noise Reduction circuit. With weight reduced by up to 15% over previous models, the 9-series models feature a broad range of environment-friendly functions that help minimize energy consumption. Offering a 60,000-hour service life, the 9-Series models are also designed with a new propriety phosphor technology that enables them to last longer and significantly resist burn-in as effectively as or even better than CRT displays. The 50" and 42" 9-Series plasma displays offer ultimate flexibility for business and professional applications and are perfect for use in virtually any AV, PC or interactive environment. The units feature three multi-function input slots concealed at the back so users can connect different combinations of optional terminal boards and customize the displays according to their system needs.

The 50" and 42" displays come standard with a TY-FB9BD Dual video board and a TY-42TM6A component video board occupying two of the input slots. Improved optional terminal boards are also available, providing greater flexibility for applications ranging from presentations, videoconferencing, in-store display, multi-screen displays and even for use with IT systems. The improved CAT5 transmitter now includes a new switcher function (model KE811CT) that allows users to change the plasma displays from up to eight individual sources, and control up to 128 plasmas at the same time from a single location. The new PLUG-VC251 PC terminal board, a powerful plug-in PC that enables users to run Windows XP operation systems and software directly from the plasma, has also been updated with a faster processor. Other enhanced features include an advanced dual picture mode, remote system monitoring functions and easy vertical display capabilities.

The 9-Series plasma displays also feature new built-in image-enlarging functions for powerful, customized multi-screen displays systems and can now be configured in a variety of combinations from 1x4, 2x3 up to a 4x4 construction (16 displays). The 50" TH-50PH9UK and 42" TH-42PH9UK have a suggested list price of $3,995 and $2,995 respectively. From the industry's highest picture quality to the industry's most versatile application options, Panasonic professional plasmas offer seamless integration in virtually any AV, IT or interactive environment with an ultra-stylish design that looks great even when the panel is turned off. Only Panasonic offers the widest range of plasma sizes, from 37" to the world's largest plasma panel at 103".

For more information on Panasonic professional plasma displays and a listing of authorized dealers, visit www.panasonic.com/proplasma.

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