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PROAVIO Releases New Studio-Quality SATA and SAS Disk Arrays for High-Resolution Audio and Video Production
Posted Jun 30, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

PROAVIO, a leading developer of storage systems and tools for digital media production, has announced the official release of their next generation editBOX line of professional external SATA & SAS disk arrays, now including the industry's latest port-multiplier technology.

Available in 4, 5 or 8-disk models, editBOX is the ideal storage solution for production studios, editors, and engineers looking for a cost-effective system with support for 10-bit video and 24/96K audio formats. By utilizing the emergence of SATA II drive technology, PROAVIO has been able to fine tune the system performance to deliver sustained data rates in excess of 210MB/s on the 4-disk models and in excess of 450MB/s on the 8-disk models.

EditBOX is available in several capacity configurations from 640GB, for Pro Tools users, to 4.0TB for feature length video projects. The editBOX series is the first desktop disk array line with Multi-Lane, Port Multiplier and eSATA interface options. All Multi-Lane models support either SATA or SAS drives, offering a solid upgrade path from SATA to SAS, allowing users to take advantage of both technologies as needs change.


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