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Opuzz.com Releases 110 New Royalty Free Music CDs--Special Sale - 30% Off
Posted Sep 25, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Opuzz Royalty Free Music Library one of the largest independant royalty free music provider has included 110 new royalty free music CDs to their library. The online royalty free music provider now boasts of 321 CDs that can be purchased as physical music CDs with free shipping worldwide, downloadable music CDs - great when you need the music fast, individual music downloads starting from $2.99 per track and Opuzz Hard Drive that holds the complete library on a portable hard drive. 

In conjunction with this major release, Opuzz is having a sale of 30% off any music download, CD or hard drive sold.

Opuzz music is composed in-house so they are able to meet the demand and requirements of their customers. Customers can rest assured that Opuzz's music is 100% royalty free. "Buying music from Opuzz is a direct license with Opuzz as you would be licensing directly from the owners of the music as Opuzz owns all their music and is not just a submission site selling submitted music", says Vivian MacPartland, Opuzz Business Development Manager.

This new release sees a good variety of musical styles. Many of the releases were in response to their customer requests. Everything from pure accoustic guitar tracks to mood inspired CD themes like 'Light Happy Joyful', 'Minimal Ambience', 'Strange and Weird', 'Meditation & Relaxation' as well as 6 CDs of Nursery Rhymes & Well Known Tunes. Other major set releases include 6 CDs of Essential Rock Styles, 3 CDs of Country Music Styles, 3 CDs of Contemporary Country as well as 3 CDs of Alternative Country Rock and 4 Intense Drama CDs. Other popular sets include 2 CDs of Light Pianos, 2 CDs of Ethnic Atmospheres and a 6 CD series of Moods & Emotions. Opuzz Royalty Free Music Library's very popular World Music selection grew by 6 CDs with focus this time on European Themes.

Other notables CDs include solo instrument focused CDs like Flutes, Harp Moods, Percussive Drama, Solo & Group Vocals and add a touch of nostalgia with Opuzz's 3 CD Silent Movie Pianos Series. Another major focus is on electronic music or electronic sounds that are covered under 2 CDs of Just Drones, 4 CDs of Essential Club & Dance Music. Hi-Tech and Space & Sci-Fi Atmospheres. Great cool and chilled vibes can be found in CDs like Easy Chilled Grooves, Smooth Cool Grooves, Lifestyle and Leisure and more.

For more information about Opuzz Royalty Free Music, go to www.opuzz.com.

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