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NewTek Announces TriCaster PRO FX Featuring LiveSet Live Virtual Sets, Integrated Character Generator and Broader File Format Support
Posted Feb 7, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

NewTek, manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announces the introduction of its latest portable production and virtual studio system, TriCaster PRO FX™, with the company’s proprietary LiveSet™ live virtual sets, integrated character generator, broader file format support and increased storage among many other new features. TriCaster PRO FX is available as a new product or as an upgrade to the TriCaster PRO™ and TriCaster 100™ models.

TriCaster PRO FX is the fourth product in NewTek’s TriCaster™ line, joining the TriCaster STUDIO™, TriCaster PRO and TriCaster 100. NewTek’s addition of TriCaster PRO FX assures a portable production solution to address the needs of all market segments.

"Our TriCaster family of portable production studios has quickly become a production mainstay in an array of organizations, from professional broadcasters to churches, schools and businesses throughout the world. TriCaster PRO FX incorporates many of the features which had been exclusive to our more expensive TriCaster STUDIO™, plus several previously unavailable enhancements, making it an important addition to our line," said Andrew Cross, NewTek’s senior vice president of software engineering. "Instead of following a ‘good, better, best’ approach with our TriCaster offerings, we present each model as the best solution available for any given market or application."

TriCaster PRO FX has an easy-to-use interface designed for use by a wide range of producers with or without a professional video production background, making it straightforward for anyone to produce quality live presentations, Web casts and video. TriCaster PRO FX allows the user to bring dynamic live elements to their presentations within minutes of opening the box. In addition to enabling users to produce presentations that have the impact of live television, TriCaster PRO FX allows simultaneous distribution to video, Internet and projectors.

TriCaster PRO FX features include the following:

  • More than 20 hours of video storage capacity
  • Full support for both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • LiveSet™ live virtual set technology
  • Improved overlay (supports text, picture and animation with alpha channel)
  • Full-featured character generator, including scrolls and crawls, and the ability to easily produce title templates for live production
  • Titles that can be placed up-stream of every input individually
  • New on-screen preview monitor display mode
  • iVGA™ with the functionality of high-end scan converters, enabling the integration of full motion screens from remotely connected computers
  • An iVGA underscan button that allows control over whether or not a VGA input takes the entire video frame.
  • Improved keying and ease-of-use with an optimized LiveMatte™ engine
  • A Y/C across BNC option that allows users to create long cable-runs on site using two shielded BNC cables (which is sturdier and more cost-effective than using an S-Video cable)
  • Video editor improvements based on SpeedEDIT™ 1.5, with new video effects, audio filters and other features * Numerous CG templates for easy creation of titles
  • Live streaming to the corporate Intranet or the Web without licensing or per-seat fees
  • Virtual VCR that cues digital video clips and plays them back the instant they are selected for live output, boosting the production value of presentations
  • Integrated real-time video editing for on-site changes and client approvals
  • XGA projector output that ensures graphics are presented at the highest possible resolution and that video is up scaled to match
  • Output to video, S-Video or composite
  • The ability to archive presentations to hard drive for later playback, editing or on-demand streaming

Pricing and Availability
TriCaster™ PRO FX is available as a new product for a suggested retail price of $8,995US. Previously purchased TriCaster PRO and TriCaster models can be upgraded with the TriCaster PRO FX feature set for $1,995 and $3,995, respectively. For upgrades to TriCaster models, NewTek will replace them with a new TriCaster PRO and the additional software. That hardware trade-up also adds component video, balanced audio, and the ability to simultaneously stream and record video of a live event.


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