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New Spot Version of LitePanels Mini Debuts
Posted Jun 10, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Now LitePanels Mini, the portable LED light system, is available in a Spot as well as the original flood version. The new Spot produces daylight balanced lighting, along with the benefits of a longer throw. LitePanels LED lights employ efficient technology for soft, projected output.

Flicker free and virtually heat free, according to LitePanels, the new Mini Spot is more than three times as efficient as a conventional tungsten camera light, the company claims. While the original Mini Flood provides a 50-degree spread, the Spot yields a 20-degree footprint.

With its compact, rectangular housing, the LitePanels Mini Spot fits easily on camera, a stand, or in many tight spots. LitePanels Mini Spot offers the same features as the Flood, including light weight (just 9.6 oz.), 0-100% dimming with virtually no shift in color, and integrated control knob. The system can be powered from a variety of sources, including a standard camera battery, car battery, AC adapter, or the new longer life NIMH 2 hr snap-on battery pack.


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