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New Schneider Optics Filter Kit for DV Cameras
Posted May 1, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

For a limited time, Schneider Optics is offering a screw-on dual filter package custom-tailored to enhance the optical performance of popular DV camcorders.

Available in 3 sizes -- for 62mm, 72mm, and 82mm lens front cameras -- the Schneider Dual-Pak DV Filter Kit contains one round screw-on B+W UV filter and one Schneider Top-Pol polarizing filter. Threading neatly onto the front of the lens, B+W UV filters effectively block the invisible UV component of light from the sky. Pictures gain brilliance, and the disturbing blue cast that can occur with many color films is avoided. Schneider Top-Pols are unmatched in their ability to reduce glare and unwanted reflections, saturate colors, deepen blue skies, improve contrast and penetrate haze.

MSRP for this special is $75.00 for the 62mm Dual-Pak, $100 for the 72mm, and $195.00 for the 82mm kit, for a savings of up to $96.


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