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New Sachtler FSB4 Fluid Head
Posted Mar 5, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand introduces the new FSB4 fluid head. With a payload ranging from 0-8.8 lbs (0-4 kg), the FSB4 is ideal for users of (H)DV cameras. This professional head offers Sachtler's renowned features such as aluminum housing, three-step damping, and five-step counterbalance. In addition, the FSB4 incorporates Sachtler's proven SPEEDBALANCE technology, enabling fast and precise balancing.

The FSB4 is the newest head in the Sachtler range that includes the FSB 2 and FSB 6. The new head is specially designed for compact cameras fully equipped with professional accessories. "Its payload of up to 8.8 lbs (4 kg) provides camera support for almost every (H)DV camera", says Ali Ahmadi, product manager for Sachtler. "What's more, the new head perfectly meets our clients' expectations regarding robustness, reliability and durability." The FSB 4 has an integrated flat base fitting, and interfaces with tripods with 75mm bowls. With three horizontal and three vertical steps of damping, as well as a five-step counterbalance, the FSB4 allows the camera operator to perform smooth movements under any conditions.

The FSB 4 may also be paired with Sachtler's SOOM multifunctional tripod system that offers height from 8-inches to 8-feet (20cm to 250cm). Another accessory that enhances FSB4 functionality is the FSB CELL power supply. This 7.2 V battery with a storage capacity of 10.5 Ah, mounts directly between the camera and the FSB4.


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