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New Pinnacle HD DVD Authoring Pack Lets Consumers Showcase Their Home Movies in Vivid HD
Posted Nov 28, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Avid Technology, Inc., today announced that its Consumer division, Pinnacle Systems, Inc., has introduced the Pinnacle HD DVD Authoring Pack as the newest feature available within Pinnacle Studio Plus. The HD DVD Authoring Pack enables users to create High-Definition DVD movie discs--complete with HD motion menus--right within the Pinnacle Studio Plus software using current generation, non-HD DVD burners. Once consumers burn HD DVDs of their projects, they can show their home movies on available HD DVD players and HDTVs.

The new HD DVD Authoring Pack is available as an add-on for existing Pinnacle Studio Plus customers. "Given the growing availability and popularity of HD devices, such as camcorders, DVD players, televisions and wide screen monitors, it's only natural that people who are creating videos in high-definition want to show their movies to friends in full resolution HD" said Jeff Hastings, Pinnacle Systems general manager. "With our HD DVD Authoring Pack, home video enthusiasts now have an easy and cost-effective authoring tool that allows them to output their beautiful-looking HD projects to a DVD - with just a click of the mouse. It's a great way for users to finish their video projects and then share them with friends in pristine-quality HD."

The HD DVD Authoring Pack completes the HD workflow for Pinnacle Studio Plus customers by allowing them to:

  • Create HD DVD format movie discs complete with menus, as well as motion menus;
  • Blend a combination of HD and SD (standard definition) footage, and still photographs to create stunning HD movies;
  • All SD content is automatically up-sampled to the appropriate HD resolution;
  • Use a standard DVD burner to convert HD DVD format discs straight to standard DVD media; and
  • Play HD DVD discs on the industry leading Toshiba and new RCA HD DVD players, and display on any HD TV.

Pinnacle Studio Plus customers can download the latest version from the Pinnacle Systems website: www.pinnaclesys.com. Once upgraded or installed, consumers can unlock the Pinnacle HD DVD Authoring Pack for $49.99 USMSRP by clicking on the Activate button to instigate an online transaction the first time the HD DVD option under Make a Disc is selected. From there, customers can download the content pack that contains the Pinnacle Studio Plus HD format menus.

First-time customers can also test Pinnacle Studio home editing software before purchasing by visiting www.pinnaclesys.com/Studio_Demo/index.html.

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