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New Petrol Transparent Raincovers for EX 3, GY-HD200, PDW-700 & AJ-HP2700-sized Cameras
Posted Mar 31, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Petrol, a Vitec Group brand, introduces two new versions of the popular Petrol Transparent Raincover. The PCR-15 provides the ultimate weather protection for medium-size video cameras like the Sony PMW-EX3 and JVC GY-HD200, while the extra-large PRC-25 is designed to shelter full-size broadcast cameras like the Sony PDW-700 and Panasonic AJ-HPX2700.

Petrol's ingenious one-piece design makes the raincover extremely easy to install while shooting. Constructed mainly of transparent polyurethane for maximum visibility, both models offer quick and easy access to camera controls. Putting on the cover's viewfinder protector takes just seconds, thanks to its special waterproof zipper. On the new PRC-15, this zipper also provides hand access to the camera's LCD screen. The larger PRC-25 is roomy enough to enable work with the flip-out LCD screen fully open. A rigid front hood section comes outfitted with a hotshoe connector that anchors and stabilizes the raincover on camera. On top of the hood, a unique 6" ABS track allows for the addition of an on-camera light and/or wireless receiver.

U.S. list price is $160 for the PRC-15 and $189 for the PRC-25. For further information on these and other Petrol products, go to http://www.petrolbags.com.

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