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Nero’s Latest Update Loaded with New Technologies, Certified Applications
Posted Mar 15, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Nero, leaders in digital media technology, announced today that the latest update of Nero 7 will include an exceptional array of technologies including Nero's own SecurDisc. SecurDisc is a technology that combines SecurDisc-certified CD/DVD hardware and Nero's software applications setting a new standard for data security on optical discs. SecurDisc provides data reliability through redundancy-based defect management, as well as content access control against unauthorized viewing and duplication, thereby addressing the concept of security from both storage and user perspectives. Users will now be able to encrypt data on optical-drive media using Nero Express, and will be able to read the data with the Nero InCD Reader, available free of charge on the SecurDisc web site at www.SecurDisc.net.

This Nero 7 update introduces the world's leading AVCHD playback and authoring solution. AVCHD, jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic, is a brand-new High Definition digital video camera format that enables the recording of video in 1080i or 720p resolution on various storage media, including recordable DVD discs, hard disks, and SD and Memory Stick PRO memory cards. The AVCHD format uses the same MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video codec adopted in the AVC profiles of Nero's own state-of-the-art Nero Digital A/V format.

With AVCHD technology incorporated within Nero 7, users can do even more with next-generation HD camcorder videos by importing, editing, viewing, and then burning in AVCHD format to regular DVD discs, or storing to hard disk, Memory Stick PRO, or SD storage cards with no loss in resolution. AVCHD recordings can be played without modification in most set-top Blu-ray Disc players, PlayStation® 3, and with Nero's AVCHD-enabled software player Nero ShowTime 3.

The Blu-ray Disc License Entity has certified Nero 7 for its support of BD-AV playback and authoring within Nero Vision and playback within Nero ShowTime. Both applications support Blu-ray in High Definition format up to 1080p in MPEG-2. Nero Vision lets users create editable BD-AV video discs on BD-RE and BD-R media, supports on-disc direct writing and editing, and supports the full disc capacity of single layer BD-RE and BD-R media up to 25 GB. Nero ShowTime plays back and navigates editable BD-RE and BD-R discs.

With a plug-in available as an additional purchase, this updated version of Nero 7 supports HD DVD playback in Nero Vision and Nero ShowTime up to 1080p as well as high definition surround sound. The new update supports playback of all video codecs supported by HD DVD. H.264 playback has exceptional clarity due to the Nero Digital technology that features this unique codec.

"This latest update is a true reflection of the vast technological advances Nero has made to keep our users managing and enjoying their digital life," said Udo Eberlein, Chief Operating Officer, Nero AG. "Between the addition of our own innovative technology and earning certification to support others, Nero 7 has made great strides and still continues to lead the pack amongst digital multimedia solutions."

This downloadable update is available free of charge to current Nero 7 users at www.nero.com.

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