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Miraizon Introduces Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh
Posted Jul 19, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Miraizon, a San Jose-based digital media software company, announced today the availability of its new product Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh, the Ultimate DVD Re-Editing tool. This is a new addition to the Cinematize 2 product family, which includes Cinematize 2 for Macintosh and Windows, the highly acclaimed DVD Movie Clip Extraction tool.

Cinematize 2 Pro offers everything Cinematize 2 does and more. With Cinematize 2 Pro, virtually any piece of an existing DVD becomes available as a source material for a new DVD project, according to Miraizon, and can be used with popular applications including QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, PowerPoint, Keynote, iTunes, and even an iPod.

Removing some of the limitations in Cinematize 2, Cinematize 2 Pro lets users extract video from DVD-VR discs produced by recorders, all channels from multi-channel audio tracks, and subtitles decoded to movies or images as well. In addition, Cinematize 2 Pro allows extraction from DVD menus including buttons, background images, motion menus, and audio tracks.

Cinematize 2 Pro users can also increase their productivity with timesaving features such as batch processing of multiple segments, presets for frequently-used preferences, comprehensive display of timecodes, and improved extraction performance. Moreover, Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh is provided as a Universal Binary application for native operation on both Intel and PowerPC-based machines. Full details of the complete Cinematize 2 Pro features along with a free demo version are available at Miraizon's web site http://www.miraizon.com.

Cinematize 2 Pro was built on top of Cinematize 2. Cinematize 2 has been used by tens of thousands of users all over the world, from audio/video pros in Hollywood to home users, teachers, lawyers, doctors, DJs, and ad agencies, according to Miraizon. Customers use Cinematize 2 to incorporate DVD clips into their presentations, to create movie highlights collections, to edit recorded TV programs, to create still pictures, to create audio clips for CDs and iTunes, or to create video clips for an iPod or the web. When describing Cinematize 2, Todd Gillespie of EventDV magazine says in his June 2006 review, "Cinematize gives you the power of creativity and lets you utilize your DVDs in a way you've not yet considered--or at least not considered possible... The possibilities are endless; from an iPod movie to a Web-streaming file, Cinematize will make quick work of your DVD project."

With the new features in Cinematize 2 Pro, users can even create movie clips with subtitles for language study, reuse portions of motion menus, or use just one specific audio channel from a multi-channel audio soundtrack. New features in Cinematize 2 Pro include the following:

DVD Clip Selection

  • Menu extraction from both Video Manager and Video Title Set menus
  • Support for extraction from Video Recording files on DVD-VR discs
  • Display of start/stop times as chapter-relative or title-relative times
  • Real-time display of total time length of selected segments
  • Batch extraction of any number of segments from both menus and movies
  • Batch extraction list for reviewing, adding, or deleting segments before extraction
  • Options to save multiple menus as one or multiple clips

Extraction and Decoding Options

  • Subtitle decoding to QuickTime movie tracks with full synchronization
  • Subtitle tracks in QuickTime movies stored as overlays not burned in
  • Subtitle decoding to images with timing information in a text file
  • Extraction and synchronization of all AC-3 audio channels
  • Creation of QuickTime movies with multi-channel audio
  • Support for saving and loading customized sets of preferences
  • Custom configuration of QuickTime video compression codecs

Output Options

  • Automatic QuickTime chapter markers for multi-chapter extraction to QuickTime
  • Custom configuration of QuickTime movie export component parameters
  • Support for any installed customizable QuickTime movie export components
  • Options to extract audio, video, and subtitles separately or together


  • Universal Binary support for native operation on Intel-based Macs
  • Advanced time synchronization between decoded and undecoded streams
  • Full control over audio/video/subtitle synchronization
  • Fully resizable window while preserving preview aspect ratio
  • Additional acceleration for extraction
  • Complete 150+ page user guide with bonus chapters on DVD structures and full index

Priced at $129.95, Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh (Downloadable Version) is available for purchase immediately at http:// www.miraizon.com/store/store.html. Existing Cinematize 2 users can upgrade to Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh (Downloadable Version) for a special promotional price of $74.95 (Regular $89.95) for a limited time. A free demo version of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh is available for download at: http://www.miraizon.com/support/ download.html.

Priced at $149.95, Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh (Box Version) will become available shortly. In addition, Cinematize 2 Pro for Windows (Downloadable, Box Versions) is to be released in summer 2006. Special upgrade pricing will also be available for existing Cinematize 2 for Windows users. Updates to the standard versions of Cinematize 2 are planned for this summers as well. The Macintosh will be supplied as a Universal Binary with support for both Intel and PowerPC-based machines.


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