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Media Supply Introduces the OmniTowerSL
Posted Aug 19, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Media Supply, Inc., a wholesaler of premium-quality CD and DVD recordable media, has added an advanced duplicating tower to its popular Omnitower line. Evolving from the original, low-cost, 3- and 7-drive Omnitower duplicators, the new OmniTowerSL features Premium Plextor PX-716 slot-load drives in a black case.

"Intelligent Recording" is a combination of technologies designed to achieve high-quality results when using media of varying quality:
1. Intelligent Tilt, a precise laser and three-dimensional tilt control to reduce jitter and achieve optimum recording.
2. PoweRec, a write strategy that provides superior quality recording at maximum speed for certified media.
3. Autostrategy, a feature that determines the standard deviation mark of any blank disc and then automatically optimizes the write strategy for the unknown media.

Media Supply has also developed a Quick Start Guide and detailed Operating Manual specifically tailored to the OmniTowerSL. Omnitowers, known for affordability, speed, accuracy and reliability, offer finely tuned firmware and software tested for compatibility and clean operation.


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