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Master the Same-Day Edit with Mark and Trisha Von Lanken! Shoot, Edit, and Deliver in HD!
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Same-Day Edits are one of the hottest things going in modern wedding and event video, and for good reason: Not only do you get to dazzle your clients with an artistically edited recap of their wedding mere hours after the fact, but you get to dazzle their guests as well, opening up vast and immediate opportunities for new business.

4-time EventDV 25 honorees and WEVA Hall of Famers Mark and Trisha Von Lanken were among the pioneers of Same-Day Edits (SDEs), and are renowned the world over for their SDEs and their dynamic, cinematic wedding video productions. Today they've carried that success into cutting-edge HD productions, and they're even shooting and delivering their SDEs in state-of-the-art 1080p HD.

Go behind-the-scenes with Mark and Trisha and NLE expert Mike Downey from Grass ValleyTM and learn how you can boost your reputation and your bottom line by taking the SDE plunge. And if you're already doing SDEs, learn how to take them to the next level by mastering the challenges of real-time HD production and dazzling your clients--and a reception hall full of future prospects--with SDEs that match the cutting-edge look of your best HD footage.

Thursday July 9th, 2009 - 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Register Now http://www.eventdv.net/webevents/grassvalley/09jul2009/text/

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