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Mammoth HD - RED Spoken Here
Posted Nov 8, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Now that RED Digital Cinema has started the delivery of the REDOne camera, the Mammoth HD RED team has been in production - shooting the 4K material for Mammoth HD RED Library. Shooting on RED at 4K offers the ability to delivery in several format resolutions from 4K to 2K, HD 1080, HD 720, Standard Def and Vertical HD - covering the markets from Feature Film, Indie Films, Broadcast, Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Digital Signage and Display.

The Mammoth HD RED team covers the bases for style and expertise. Our initial shoots have covered Underwater shooting, Wildlife, Sports, Scenics and more.

The Mammoth HD/RED 'Sneak Peek' Preview Reel was shot by Steve Gibby, Ken Corben, Steve Tammi and Clark Dunbar... more of the MHD Red team contributors will be coming on board as their RED Cameras are delivered.

The Mammoth HD/RED Library and Store will open in Mid-December with 4K and 2K Originals with delivery options for HD formats available. For more information - visit the Mammoth HD website or contact us by phone or email.

For more information on the collections and the Mammoth HD Hi Definition Footage Library, and to see the previews of all the Mammoth HD collections and clips, please visit the Mammoth HD website at http://www.mammothhd.com.

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