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Make Sure Your DVDs are Safe With the Help of Applied Magic's Fort Knox
Posted Aug 12, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Applied Magic has released Fort Knox, a unique, easy-to use, standalone DVD duplicator featuring hardware-based copy protection that discourages unauthorized duplication. NO COMPUTER NEEDED. Most copy protected duplicators need to be tethered to a PC where codes are purchased and used with each copy. This could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your volume, but with Fort Knox, you never pay a fee.

With Fort Knox, thousands of copy-protected discs can be duplicated without a license code, so there is no per-copy royalty to pay and no one to call for software licenses. This unique Technology embeds copy protection within each target disc making them almost impossible to copy using a computer or another duplicator.
Here is a list of customers who have discovered Fort Knox as a way to protect their hard work from un-authorized users:
· Independent Film Makers
· Event Videographers
· Educational Seminars
· Legal Videos
· Dance Recitals
· Photographers

Anyone that might be concerned about a customer copying your hard work should consider the Fort Knox.

* No license codes
* No computer needed
* Comes with 160GB HDD
* Make thousands of copy protected DVDs with no fees

Now on Sale to the end of August

3 Target Fort Knox was $995, now only $879
5 Target Fort Knox was $1,295 not only $1,149


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