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MFSL Introducing the 24-Karat Gold ULTRADISC DVD-R
Posted Jul 28, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Following upon the success of the 24 karat Gold Ultradisc CD-R, Mobile Fidelity is expanding its presence in the recordable media market with the introduction of the forthcoming 24 karat Gold Ultradisc DVD-R.

Designed for professional, data critical, music, video, and graphic archival applications, and all other data storage needs where there is zero margin for loss or error, ULTRADISC DVD-Rs feature instantaneous pit burning (burst burning) for superior pit formation and extremely low to no error rate and the exclusive DATA GUARD SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING, which increases surface protection by up to seven times more than regular non coated DVD-Recordable media.

Further, whereas the average DVD-R has a projected life-span of 20 years when stored under optimal conditions, accelerated aging tests demonstrate that the ULTRADISCâ„¢ DVD-R will retain their technical, data storage and retrieval specifications for over 100 years, according to MFSL.

For additional information visit: http://mofi.com.

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