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MF Digital Announces Video Capture with Seamless Duplication
Posted Mar 12, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

MF Digital has announced a new technology partnership with Pioneer that enables MF Digital duplicators, when used in conjunction with Pioneer's PRV-LX1 or LX10 pro DVD recorders, to complete a live DVD authoring/duplication solution.

The Pioneer PRV-LX1,or LX10 is designed to record video from all professional video sources onto DVD-R or DVD-RW media without the need for a PC or authoring system. MF Digital is an official Pioneer third-party add-on product. The MF Digital Copiers 5906EC copier module (www.mfdigital.com/5000series.html), and the Scribe EC 3000 Automated Stand-alone (www,mfdigital.com/scribesaseries.html) can be connected directly to the Pioneer PRV-LX1, LX10 via Ethernet. Once connected, a DVD authored on the PRV-LX1, LX10 may be downloaded to 5906 EC high-speed Copier Modules to produce multiple copies, freeing up the PRV-LX1, LX10 to author the next project. Multiple MF Digital Copier Modules or Standalone copiers may exist on a network and duplication jobs can be launched on multiple units concurrently. Network scalability allows you burn your PRV-LX1, LX10 authored image on 1 to 60 drives at the same time. The 5906 EC Copier Module can be automated later with a simple autoloader upgrade option. Also available with Gigabit Ethernet.

If a fully automatic copier, capable of direct-to-disc inkjet or thermal CD printing, is desired, the MF Digital 3000 Series Standalone copiers too can be be used in tandem to produce copies from the PRV-LX1, LX10 internal hard drive without the need of a physical master DVD.


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