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Lynx Studio Technology Introduces Aurora AD/DA
Posted Oct 29, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The new Aurora line of digital audio converters is offered in single-rack space eight and sixteen channel models. The Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 feature 192kHz analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion with front-panel control of all routing and sample-rate options. Extended functions in Aurora are accessible via computer with the Lynx AES16 or by infrared using compatible laptops and handheld Pocket PCs. The rear panel has MIDI In and Out connectors and an LSlot bay, for the use of optional ADAT, FireWire, and other audio interface cards.

All primary functions are controlled from Aurora's ergonomically designed front panel, with extended and remote control available via computer and Pocket PC. The on-board 32-channel digital mixer provides routing and mixing options and acts as its own patch bay-style digital router. Aurora can route signals between analog and digital inputs on a channel-by-channel basis. Mixing capability on each output also provides flexible zero-latency monitoring. In addition, the AES16 allows complete Aurora scenes to be saved and recalled.

The eight-channel Aurora 8 has a U.S. suggested retail price of $2195. $3295 is the US suggested retail price of the sixteen-channel Aurora 16.


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