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LiveTypeCentral.com Releases 8 new LiveType Theme Packs
Posted May 8, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

LiveTypeCentral.com, a division of 12 Inch Design, LLC announced today that it has released 8 new Theme Packs for Apple's LiveType titling application. Featuring subjects such as Entertainment, Wedding, Worship, Sports, Tech/Medical, Election, Business, and Holidays, the new packs offer Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express editors new options when creating projects in LiveType. And as with other 12 Inch Design and LiveTypeCentral products, the content is royalty-free.

"Our first five multi-purpose LiveType Expansion Packs were and continue to be very popular with Final Cut editors," said Tony Stutterheim, President, 12 Inch Design. "With the Expansion Packs and the new Theme Packs installed in LiveType, Final Cut editors really have a quick and high-quality motion graphics solution at their fingertips from right within LiveType."

The LiveTypeCentral.com packs are the largest collection of native LiveType content available. And because the LiveTypeCentral.com Expansion Packs and Theme Packs are native LiveType content, the content works just like the content from Apple that is included with LiveType.

Each of the Theme Packs includes new Textures (video backgrounds), Objects (overlays and "key-able" animated items) and Templates for their specific theme. The LiveTypeCentral.com packs feature video backgrounds and other content from the acclaimed 12 Inch Design motion graphics library. Many of the packs also include pre-matted live-action people footage from the Post Holes, LLC royalty-free library.

LiveType is included with the current version of Apple's Final Cut Pro Studio and Final Cut Express HD 4. The LiveTypeCentral.com packs are compatible with LiveType version 2.0 and higher. Expansion packs are available in NTSC or PAL format, while the Theme Packs are only available in NTSC at this time (PAL is coming soon).


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