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Litepanels Work With DV Camera Batteries
Posted Sep 23, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Now operators can use their spare DV camera batteries to get the bright, projected soft output of a Litepanels LED lighting system. The new DV Battery Adapter Plate attaches easily to the Litepanels Mini head, making it a self-contained lighting source capable of running off of 2 standard Panasonic, Canon, or Sony DV camera batteries. The Litepanels DV Adapter Plate simply snaps on to the back of the Mini Flood or Spot head. Once the plate is secure, 2 batteries fit easily in place to power the fixture for up to 8 hours.

Litepanels' self-contained DV battery option allows users to use lightweight Lithium-ion DV batteries (along with their existing DV battery chargers), instead of carrying heavy battery belts or bulky shoulder-worn battery packs. Litepanels portable daylight balanced lighting systems--winner of the 2005 Emmy Award Plaque for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development--employ light-emitting diode technology to produce a soft and projected light ideal for interviews, car interiors, or ultra-portable location lighting. The lightweight DV Battery Adapter Plate is available in three versions: the DV-CP-P (Panasonic), DV-CP-S (Sony), and DV-CP-C (Canon). Litepanels DV Battery Adapter is also compatible with their Infrared lighting system.


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