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LaCie and Hitachi Collaborate to Deliver External Storage Solutions
Posted Jul 29, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

LaCie and Hitachi have announced a collaboration to deliver three external hard drives for both consumer and enterprise users. LaCie selected 500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 hard drives for its 2TB Biggest F800, 500GB Ethernet Disk mini, and 2TB Bigger Disk Extreme storage solutions. Hitachi has incorporated a number of design features that make its 500GB hard drive well-suited for use in digital video editing, multi-drive RAID storage, and other high-bandwidth applications.

Several Deskstar 7K500 design attributes combine to enhance system performance and usability, including fast data transfer rates, low power consumption, and "Smooth Stream" technology, an advanced error recovery process designed to improve digital content management, according to Hitachi and LaCie.

The following LaCie solutions include 500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 internal hard drives:

LaCie Biggest F800 is a RAID subsystem offering a high level of data protection for professionals with secure storage for 2TB data. The 4-bay array supports RAID levels 0, 0+1, 5, and RAID 5+hot spare in an aluminum enclosure with FireWire 800 and Hi-Speed USB 2 interfaces for use on PCs or Macs. Biggest F800 allows for easy installation of four arrayed disks with no driver required. Should the system overheat or a drive fail, the Biggest F800's smart alarm will notify the administrator via an audible sound and automatically begin rebuilding a faulty drive for those using RAID 5.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is an affordable network hard drive for use in homes or small offices with 500GB shared storage space. Anyone plugged into the dual-purpose Ethernet Disk mini can share files via the fast Ethernet connection without having to install drivers, or the drive can be attached via USB 2 to any individual computer for faster throughput and a private connection. Designed for small office and home environments, the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is plug and play--no prior networking experience is required.

LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme is a compact and sturdy drive designed to support multi-stream audio/video editing in a variety of formats with burst transfer rates reaching up to 85MB/sec and 2TB capacity. A plug-and-play device, the LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme has a built-in RAID 0 configuration that allows for instant high-speed data transfers of up to 85MB/s and immediate large-scale backup. LaCie Bigger Disk Extremes are hot-pluggable for file sharing among FireWire 800/400 and iLink/DV workstations. No drivers or software installation is required for those using Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Mac OS X operating systems.


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