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LaCie Unleashes eSATA II 3Gbps
Posted Sep 29, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Today LaCie unleashed the d2 SATA II 3Gbits Hard Drive Series, ultra-speedy desktop hard drives with interface speeds up to 3Gbps—twice as fast as LaCie's first-generation SATA I 1.5Gbits drives. Faster interface transfer rates provide enough bandwidth for even the most demanding audio/video applications and small server/IT workstations, especially when multiple drives are striped together in a software RAID. Boot Windows or Mac natively from the drive or use it as a cost-effective back up solution with included LaCie software. LaCie d2 SATA II 3Gbits Hard Drives Series offer up to an amazing 500GB on one disk for ultimate capacity and speed in a sleek d2 case.

LaCie d2 SATA II 3Gbits Hard Drive Series utilize the newest SATA drives with Native Command Queuing and a 16MB cache for increased performance. The 500GB drive has a smart fan that shuts off when not in use. The sleek and compact d2 case can stand vertically to save desktop space, be laid horizontally to stack multiple drives, or rack-mounted to fit into an audio/video setup. Availability LaCie d2 SATA II 3Gbits Hard Drives are available immediately from LaCie direct and widely available via LaCie's specialized dealer network later this month.

LaCie Backup Software for PC/Mac is included for fast backups. SATA PCI/PCMCIA cards are available through LaCie, and drives are backwards compatible with previous generation LaCie d2 SATA I 2-port cards, which will power two drives simultaneously and offer up to 1.5Gbits speed per bus. For more product information, visit www.lacie.com. LaCie d2 SATA II 3Gbits 250GB $149.99 LaCie d2 SATA II 3Gbits 320GB $179.99 LaCie d2 SATA II 3Gbits 500GB $279.99 About LaCie LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday users easily manage their digital lives.


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