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Jan Ozer Premieres New Online Training Workshop: Producing Great Video with the Adobe Media Encoder
Posted Sep 2, 2011 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The Streaming Learning Center announces the immediate availability of a 3-hour training workshop entitled Producing Great Video with the Adobe Media Encoder CS 5.5. Co-produced by streaming producer and compression expert Jan Ozer and video training provider Video2Brain, the online or downloadable training costs $34.95 and is available now at www.streaminglearningcenter.com.

The training starts with an overview of working with the Adobe Media Encoder, and how it integrates with suite mates like Premiere Pro and After Effects. The next section reviews streaming-related concepts like constant and variable bit rate encoding and then details the best practices of streaming producers, including the resolution and data rate configurations used by prominent broadcast and corporate sites.

The training then moves to specific production targets, like producing H.264 for Flash, Silverlight and HTML5, encoding for delivery to Apple iDevices, producing for DVD and Blu-ray and producing for adaptive streaming. Within each of these topics, the training reviews codec and target-specific details that explain how different configuration options impact quality, compatibility and playability.

"The training goes far beyond simply teaching how to use the Adobe Media Encoder," author Jan Ozer commented. "Viewers will learn the fundamentals of codecs and compression, and how high-profile producers are configuring their videos for streaming, distribution to devices, or for optical media. After completing the training, viewers will thoroughly understand the encoding options available in the Adobe Media Encoder and how to efficiently produce top-quality video files, whatever the target."

To see the table of contents for the new training, including three free videos (Overview of the Encoding Workflow, Watch Folders and Producing for HTML5), click here.

To see more details regarding the training, including an introductory video, click here.

For downloadable materials, including the course overview, Table of Contents and Readme file, click here.

About the Author

A video producer and consultant, Jan Ozer is a highly respected compression authority who serves as a contributing editor for Streaming Media Magazine and EventDV and editor of the Streaming Learning Center blog. Ozer has produced and encoded video since the CD-ROM days and has taught courses in video and streaming production since 1994. He has written or co-authored more than 14 books on digital-video-related topics, including the recently released Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5.

About Video2Brain

video2brain has been Europe's premier source for video training since 2002. The company produces English, German, French, and Spanish-language courses on a wide variety of topics, working with some of the best trainers in the world. The English-language team is a hardy, international crew, spread out over the globe, from San Francisco and San Jose, to Galax and New York, to Brighton and London, and back over to Vienna and the company's home office in Graz, Austria, a student city in the Austrian Alps.

For more information about Producing Great Video with the Adobe Media Encoder, please visit bit.ly/ozerame. For additional information, or to request a review copy, please contact jozer@mindspring.com.

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