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Innovision Introduces TerraScope Camera Transport
Posted Aug 26, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Created for work with the Innovision Probe and similar lenses, this versatile new rolling camera platform lets operators track from a near ground-level point of view with unprecedented freedom of movement and maneuverability. The TerraScope enables panning and rolling in ways not possible with larger rigs and bulky dolly equipment. Invented by Visual Effects Director of Photography Eric Swenson, the TerraScope is designed to carry a camera with an attached tubular lens pointing downward.

An essential accessory for many snorkel shoots, the system is perfect for tabletop work, scooting down hallways, or across counters. Ideal for interiors and exteriors, it fits through standard doorways and works equally well on stages, warehouses, driveways, and sidewalks. In addition, the rig can be configured to offer unique moves especially valuable for rapid-paced miniature work. Simply by tilting the camera on the mount the lens can be set up along the center axis of the rig for nodal panning or, with the camera tilted back, the lens can be extended outside the rig to get extremely close to large objects.


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