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Imagine Products Announces ShotPut EXpress For Sony XDCamHD EX Cameras
Posted Apr 27, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Imagine Products, Inc. announced today the release and general availability of ShotPut EXpress(tm) a new, automated offload application for Sony EX SxS cards. Now you can securely backup Sony XDCamHD EX based video projects while streamlining your workflow from acquisition to archive. Available for Mac or Windows (Intel-Mac, Windows XP and Vista computers).

ShotPut EXpress(tm) features Single card (manual) and Multiple card (auto) modes. Simply insert the SxS card into a PowerBook or Notebook's ExpressCard slot and ShotPut EXpress(tm) makes secure, verified copies of the SxS card's video contents (the BPAV folder) in up to three (3) locations.

ShotPut EXpress(tm) makes a printable activities report log of all the file transfer activities. This text file shows all the details including names of cards and files, the copy destination names, file sizes, duration of each transfer and aggregate transfer time, date, etc. A great way to document and organize your project and billable time.

Why Use ShotPut EXpress?

  • Fast Copying: Perform copies at top speed without the overhead of Finder or Explorer.
  • Automatic or Manual Copies: Manually select one or more drives to copy. Or use the auto offload mode to sequentially copy SxS cards upon insertion.
  • Easy Folder Naming: Save time and improve consistency and organization by auto-naming the copy folders.
  • Improve Workflow: Make up to 3 simultaneous SxS card copies at the same time.
  • Reformat Cards: After offloading is finished, automatically Erase the BPAV folder contents and Rename the card so it's ready to return to the camera.
  • Security: Verify byte-to-byte comparisons of your media copies to ensure integrity of the files.
  • Verification Report: Create a record of file transfer activity, how the copies were named, time, date, etc. Save complete details for project organization and billable time.
  • Print Offload Log: Offload results are presented in a text file, printable with the click of a button.
  • Session Error Checking: Prevents overwriting of existing folders and duplicate offloading of the same card.
  • Progress Bar: Displays overall percent completion and file-by-file progress during the copy process.
  • Copy Cards or Disks: The BPAV contents of any mountable volume (drive) can be copied.

ShotPut EXpress is a single user, download application. Help and Users Guide in PDF format available. When you purchase, the serial number provided may be used with either the Mac or Win versions of the software. Available now. Just $49.00.

Imagine Products

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