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Granite Digital Ships USB to IDE/SATA Drive Bridge Adapter
Posted Oct 6, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Granite Digital, a leading manufacturer of FireWire, SATA, SCSI, and USB storage solutions, cables, and diagnostic tools, today announced it has begun shipping a USB 2.0 Bridge Adapter that connects to any IDE, or SATA Hard Drive making it easy to recovery, copy, or duplicate data in an emergency. The USB Bridge Adapter includes a Universal Power Supply with Switched Dual Outputs for any IDE or SATA Hard Drive, CD, DVD, or Optical Mechanism.

The kit includes: USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Bridge Adapter, Universal Dual Output SATA and IDE Switched Power Outputs, 4 Pin Adapter Patch Cable, and AC Power Supply IEC Cable.

"This USB to IDE/SATA Bridge is the perfect tool for any person that works with computers" stated Frank Gabrielli, President of Granite Digital. "When problems with drives occur this USB Bridge Adapter can save the day. More importantly it is designed to work with all drive types, both SATA and IDE mechanisms are supported. Its small size makes it easy to carry around and the triple connectors guarantees connectivity."

Additional information can be found here.

Supports ATA6 specifications and Hard Drives up to 700GB, CD, DVD, and Tape Mechanisms. Fast USB 2.0 support for 480 Mbit/s fast data transfers.


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