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Global Discware, Inc. Launches Disc Studio
Posted Aug 14, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Global DiscWare, Inc., a leading provider of CD/DVD/ Blu-ray disc publishing solutions announced today the launch of Disc Studio™ 4500 Series disc publishing systems. The first product in the Disc Studio(tm) 4500 Series includes the new high performance HP SI1000 Inkjet system from Hewlett-Packard's Specialty Printing Systems Division with four CD/DVD or Blu-ray recorders. The system has a 500 disc capacity, is combined with the GDW Atlas™ browser-based software, and features automated robotics for on-demand disc production. "The Disc Studio™ 4500 Series provides the optical disc publishing industry with a solution that delivers enterprise value at a mid-level price,” said Larry Robertson, VP of Engineering at Global DiscWare. “This solution is loaded with the integration capabilities which allow the flexibility to scale businesses needs as their production levels change or they take new business avenues.”

The Disc Studio™ 4500 Series’ design and capabilities are the first in a line of many products to combine the best of Global DiscWare’s innovative software solutions, the recently acquired R-Quest Technologies team’s automated robotics engineering, and the partnership with HP using an advanced embedded Inkjet engine solution. “There is quite a buzz in the industry over the release of the Disc Studio Series. The Disc Studio meets all the requirements of today’s demanding disc publishing market: faster printing, lower cost per print, and high quality engineering - all while having the advanced features needed to meet the growing needs of the on-demand market,” said Jim Filkins, VP of Sales for Global DiscWare, “Further, the Disc Studio, by offering the most dynamic software package and highest disc capacity in the industry, is very affordable. The Disc Studio™ with an embedded HP SI1000 boasts an MSRP of $12,995.00. New water resistant inkjet printable surfaces, which also create a thermal like glossy finish, will impact the market dramatically over the next year. As availability increases and prices decrease for this media type, the Disc Studio containing new HP technology will become increasingly significant as an enterprise solution.”

The Disc Studio™ 4500 Series operates with the browser-based, patent-pending software GDW Atlas™ which networks as easy as any copier allowing multiple users access to the publishing systems. Operating system independent with a secure login based system, the Disc Studio™ gives users in markets such as medical, engineering, entertainment, and religion the flexibility and power to create, manage and execute their disc projects. GDW Atlas™ provides tools for essential business requirements such as the following:

  • Production Monitoring
  • Production Scheduling
  • Project Management and Wizards
  • Label Designer
  • System Alerts and Management
  • License Management
  • Administration and Help
  • Integrated Update Management
  • Backup and Restore Management

An addition to the Disc Studio™ 4500 Series product line with an embedded P-55 thermal printer will be released in fall 2007.


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