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Free Software Upgrades Included with New Altec USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultras Through May '08
Posted Apr 1, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

North Coast Interactive, Inc, a US distributor for altec ComputerSysteme GmbH, is proud to announce free software upgrades for Altec USB CopyStation 21 Ultra included with the purchase of a new system through May of 2008. The free software upgrades include the "FileCopy" and "Short Image file" software.

"The free inclusion of these software options represents a $1750.00 savings", explains Tom Blaha, president of North Coast Interactive. "... this brings a significant price advantage to the Ultra 21, which was already the fastest and most flexible solution for higher volume USB flash drive duplication. There has never been a better time to enter this duplication market".

Thanks to transfer rates of 70 MB/sec., 21 USB sticks with 512 MB can be programmed in about 2.5 minutes. The "File Copy" option makes it possible to copy files from a specified directory to FAT formatted USB sticks. The sub-directory structure (if present) is also copied. There is also a software option for creating and copying smaller image-files. This allows for the faster programming of memory media if the files to be copied are smaller than the capacity of the target memory sticks.

The USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra is backed by a 24 month warranty. For more information please visit www.ncimedia.com.

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