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FastForward Video Issues InfoComm Preview, Including Three New DVRs
Posted May 2, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

FastForward Video has issued an InfoComm preview replete with information on three forthcoming digital video recorders (DVRs).

First is FFV's new FieldPro DVR with IDE hard drive, a portable DVR designed for a wide range of uses including security, surveillance, military, law enforcement, broadcast, and industrial users. The FieldPro DVR measures 5.0 in by 1.35 in by 3.21 in with an internal 2.5 in. hard drive and a USB 2.0 download port. This DVR is powered by an external 12-VDC power adapter and features video capture and playback at 60 frames per second, resolution greater than 550 lines at 4:1 compression, user-selectable compression ratios ranging from 4:1 to 20:1, and recording times averaging from four to 20 minutes per gigabyte. The recorder offers scalable MJPEG compression and 720 x 486 pixel image resolution. The control panel's features include record, seek or scan forward/backward, single-frame forward/reverse, delete clips, and play/pause.

The Mini DVR Pro On-Body DVR (Compact Flash Media) is a standalone, handheld, pocket-sized DVR with exceptional image quality. Like the new FieldPro DVR, it features scalable MJPEG compression and an outstanding 720 x 486 pixel image resolution and is ideal for remote and on-body applications. Measuring 5.2 in. by 0.8 in. by 3.7 in., this DVR is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, slip into a pocket, or hang on a belt, according to FFV. It can record up to two hours at 20:1 compression with Compact Flash cards. The Mini DVR Pro On-Body DVR is powered by four AA batteries or a low-voltage DC power input.

Part of the DigiDeck digital video recorder family, DigiDeck PC maintains analog composite and Y/C outputs, with optional RGB/component outputs, while allowing users to record video as QuickTime files and view those files simply by connecting the DigiDeck's removable drives to a PC.


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