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FSI Monitors Now 5D Mark II Compatible
Posted Feb 10, 2010 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera has become a very popular video production tool. However, finding an affordable high quality professional monitor to work in conjunction with the unit can be difficult. While most consumer type HDMI equipped televisions work with the 5D Mark II, many professional monitors do not, especially those equipped with DVI instead of HDMI inputs. Typically most monitors will work at least at 480P with the Canon, but many monitors will not support the 1080 HDMI output when in Live View or Playback Mode. While the 5D Mark II does switch to 480 output when recording many operators still find it very useful to be able to frame, focus, and review footage in HD. In light of this Flanders Scientific is happy to announce that all FSI monitor models are now compatible with the 1080 HDMI output from the Canon 5D Mark II.

With this enhancement to our product line the FSI monitors join the ranks of only a handful of professional broadcast monitors that support 1080 over DVI from the Canon 5D Mark II. Simply use any readily available HDMI to DVI cable and be up and monitoring in seconds.

Why is this Important?

Why not just use a consumer level monitor or another HDMI equipped professional monitor? Well, one of the huge advantages of being able to use an FSI monitor with the Canon 5D Mark II is that FSI is one of the only professional monitor manufacturers to offer Waveform, Vector Scope, RGB Parade, and YRGB Peak Waveform display on all inputs, even DVI. This in addition to our advanced Measurement and LUM Coloring features, which also work on all inputs, make this easily one of the most advanced 5D Mark II compatible monitor lines available.

So whether you are looking for a 7" monitor to accompany the 5D Mark II for your own use or want a larger 17" monitor for onset client playback you can rest assured that FSI has a compatible monitor that is professionally calibrated and equipped with advanced features that are usually only found on monitors when using an HD/SD-SDI signal.

You can order FSI monitors directly from http://www.ShopFSI.com.

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