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FOCUS Enhancements Introduces New Line of Advanced Media Servers
Posted Jul 26, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

FOCUS Enhancements has announced the availability of ProxSys Media Servers, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution specifically designed for video, multimedia, and broadcast applications.

ProxSys delivers a flexible way to store, manage, and recall digital media. Complete ProxSys suites, including digital acquisition, indexing, conversion, storage, and play-out, are available today for under $50,000.

ProxSys enables Digital Asset Management solutions for customers and markets that have the need to organize media. ProxSys is designed for medium and large scale deployments in video-driven applications, including broadcast archive and play-out, TV monitoring, sports analysis, education and training, multi-channel recording and monitoring, and video archiving. The system replaces the need to manage volumes of dispersed videotapes, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, and digital images within the organization. ProxSys manages terabytes of low- and high-resolution video, audio, images, documents, and data from a simple Web browser interface allowing quick preview and access to clips over the Internet, according to ProxSys.

Showcased at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference in April 2005, ProxSys has been beta-tested globally by television networks, universities, multimedia companies, and enterprise businesses including A+M Media, Daimler Chrysler TV, Dublien Central University, Game TV, Hanoi Music Conservatory, IQ Digital, and SAV Capital Vision.

ProxSys categorizes stored media content based on customizable metadata fields that correspond to media timecode data. Different parts of a single media file can be tagged with unique metadata information. When a user is ready to retrieve a particular media file, only the relevant portion of the clip is presented to the recipient. Before downloading the full resolution clip, the user can additionally edit the portion of the clip(s) required, saving both download time and streamlining workflow.

Users can also export content directly to an NLE system for editing purposes and alternatively, export selected media to an optical media duplicator.


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